One Man Mudlogging Service

An experienced Riley Geological Mudlogger will arrive and remain on well-site location to provide a detailed mudlog, generate daily reports at scheduled intervals, and answer any questions.

Drilling personnel will be responsible for the collection of samples as necessary during the process.

Two Man Mudlogging Service

A highly qualified Two Man Riley Geological Mudlogging Team will provide all the services of the One Man Service working over 12-hour tours and collecting their own samples.

This is the recommended option.

Sample Catcher Services

As drill rates increase, so does the need for Sample Catchers. With this Service, Riley Geological will provide a Team of Sample Catchers, along with separate living quarters, to insure that you have the most detailed log possible.

Geosteering & Geochemistry Services

Riley Geological Consultants, Inc is proud to partner with some of the most well respected companies in the Permian to meet all of your Geosteering and Geochemistry needs.

Contact us for more details.

Riley Geological uses state of the art Mainlog™ Mudlogging Software for the best possible Real-Time mudlogging analysis.

  • Real Time Plotting while monitoring ROP, Hotwire and Chromatograph Gases, CO2, MWD Gamma, MWD Resistivity and other data available from a WITS feed. (No spreadsheets, text or LAS files to import).
  • Fully WITS Capable.
  • Real-time Gas Chart.
  • Program includes Lag Calculator and Alarms (including WITS alarms).